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About Us

If you’re looking for a reliable Delaware and Maryland HVAC company to provide you with quality heating and air conditioning sales, installations, maintenance, or repairs, look no further. At First Class Heating and Air Conditioning in Millsboro, DE, we are dedicated to working hard for each and every one of our clients.

We have been serving your family and friends for over 40 years and pride ourselves on having the very best employees a company can have, starting from our office straight to your job site. When you sign us on to complete your HVAC project, you can count on us to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and fast, friendly service.First Class Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our Products

HVAC Company in Delaware and Maryland

Out of all the HVAC companies serving the likes of Wicomico County, Sussex County, Worcester County, Kent County and other nearby areas, First Class HVAC is the go-to choice when it comes to HVAC service contracts or maintenance contracts, as well as replacements, repairs and other residential HVAC services.

The HVAC contractors at First Class HVAC specialize in heating, air conditioning and plumbing services.


If your current system is on its last legs or you simply want an upgrade, and you’re deciding between multiple HVAC repair companies to complete your heater replacement, you can be assured that the First Class HVAC team has both the knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly the first time. We can install and service many makes, models and types of heating systems including:

●     Heat Pumps

●     Ductless Heating

●     Electric Heating

●     Furnace Services

●     Water Heaters

●     Gas and Propane

●     Oil Heater Services

●     Boiler Services


Air Conditioning

On the other hand, if your current air conditioning system is ready for a repair, and you need to choose among several HVAC companies to complete your AC replacement, the First Class HVAC team is more than capable of completing the task successfully, as we are for any kind of HVAC replacement. We can install and service all types of AC systems including:

●     Gas and Propane

●     Heat Pumps

●     Geothermal

●     Central AC

●     Rooftop Units

●     Hydronic and Electric

For both Heating & AC, our services include but aren’t limited to:

●     Duct Cleaning & Deodorizing

●     Custom Sheet Metal

●     Whole House Filtration

●     Thermostats

●     Humidifiers

●     Electronic Air Cleaners

●     UV Germicidal Lights

●     Preventative Maintenance Agreement

●     Extended Warranties

●     Baseboard Heating

●     Radiant Heating

●     Filter Replacement

Manufacturers offer a wide range of products, with one suited to nearly every situation. Let First Class HVAC help you find the solution that is right for you, from residential HVAC services like installing home-based systems, all the way up to large commercial installations.

Our biggest advantage is how much we expect out of our company and our team members. We make sure our work fits your needs and wants while using the best materials and equipment available, resulting in a satisfied customer every time.

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