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Bethany Beach Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing and Home Performance Services


We provide maintenance, repair, and replacement services for Bethany and Bethany Beach, Delaware

For over 40 years First Class Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing superior service to the residents of Bethany, DE. First class takes care of air conditioning installation, air conditioning maintenance, residential and commercial heating system installs, basic ductwork, plumbing, drain repair services and much more. First Class has the experience and the professionalism that you can rely on!

Maintaining, Repairing, Replacing Heating Systems in Bethany, DE

First Class HVAC has been specializing in heating system maintenance for the residents and business owners of Bethany for over 40 years. When it comes to heating system repair, we make sure our customers are getting a thorough equipment analysis to make sure you won’t need another repair in the near future. Our technicians are professionals at heating repair services and can work on your forced air, radiant, heat pump or geothermal systems. We can also provide you heater replacement advice in the event that your system is outdated.

Our maintenance contracts are designed to help keep your house warm when you need it the most. Contact us today about what kind of maintenance agreements we offer in Bethany.

Air Conditioning System Service for Bethany Residents

Our air conditioner repair and air conditioner replacement services are the best around. Our trained professionals can fix or install your air conditioning with ease. We have been providing air conditioner repair services for over 40 years.

We specialize in central A/C installation, A/C replacements and A/C maintenance. We can also provide service and replacement for all geothermal and condensing units.

Ductwork and Duct Cleaning Services in Bethany, DE

Ventilation systems can often play a huge role in indoor air quality. It is necessary to have all of your ductwork inspected routinely to ensure that your home is circulating clean air. If your ducts have been operating for some time without inspection, they may be circulating odors, dust and other contaminates into your air. Contact First Class HVAC today and we’ll have a certified technician inspect all your ductwork and provide you with a recommended course of action.

The benefits of servicing your ductwork include:

  • Eliminate odors
  • Restore energy efficiency
  • Reduce the potential for mold growth

When air ducts contain holes and leaks, not only do harmful gases enter, but also heated or cooled air escapes from the ducts. This is why the central air system may not feel like it is working as well as it first did.

Apart from sealing your ducts and repairing those holes and leaks in your ductwork, another key step in preventing heat loss is to insulate the ducts. It is important you find an HVAC company will take the proper measures to do so. Our ducts are insulated with proper insulation to help deliver the air comfort you request. First Class HVAC is the go-to company for all your ductwork needs!

Bethany Plumbing Services

Our certified plumbers provide you with installation, maintenance and repair of any of the plumbing and faucets for your kitchen or bathroom. First Class HVAC plumbing services in Bethany are done in a timely manner so that you can relax and know that all of your’ plumbing and drain clean needs are taken care of. Do you have a drain or pipe related job? We have a plumber for that. First Class HVAC is the most trusted plumbing service in Bethany, DE and our friendly plumbers can answer any questions you have as well as give you tips to help keep your drains, gutters and ductwork clean. Our customer’s satisfaction is important so we will make sure that when our technicians leave your home, all of your water lines and appliances will be in tip-top shape. Contact us today to find out how First Class HVAC can help you!

Crawl Space Encapsulation

First Class HVAC provides crawl space encapsulation service that will help prevent mold, musty odors and termites.

Home Performance for your Residential and Commercial Property

First Class HVAC offers Total Home Performance Tests that will determine if your Bethany home of business is running as efficiently as possible. After providing a Infrared Scan, Blower Door Test, Register & Duct test, HERS model prediction (Home Energy Rating System), and a Health & safety test, recommendations will be made to improve the efficiency of your home through various measures. To learn more about Total Home Performance Tests, give First Class a call today!