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Salisbury Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing and Home Performance Services

We provide maintenance, repair, and replacement services for Salisbury, Maryland.

For over 40 years First Class Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing superior service to the residents of Salisbury, MD. From air conditioning installation and maintenance, residential and commercial heating system installs, basic ductwork and duct cleaning services to plumbing and drain cleaning services, First Class has the experience and the professionalism you can rely on!

Ductwork and Duct Cleaning Services in Salisbury, MD

Ventilation systems can often play a huge role in indoor air quality. It is necessary to have all of your ductwork inspected routinely to ensure that your home is circulating clean air. If your ducts have been operating for some time without inspection, they may be circulating odors, dust and other contaminates into your air. Contact First Class HVAC today and we’ll have a certified technician inspect all your ductwork and provide you with a recommended course of action.

The benefits of servicing your ductwork include:

  • Helps to restore energy efficiency
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors
  • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth

When air ducts contain holes and leaks, not only do harmful gases enter, but heated or cooled air escapes from the ducts. As more air escapes through these holes, the amount of conditioned air that reaches your home is a lot less than what it started out with. This is why the central air system may not feel like it is working as well as it first did. The downside is that your central air system may be conditioning the same amount of air as it first did, which is still using the same amount of electricity.

Apart from sealing your ducts and repairing those holes and leaks in your ductwork, another key step in preventing heat loss is to insulate the ducts. It is important you find an HVAC company will take the proper measures to do so. Our ducts are insulated with proper insulation to help deliver the air comfort you request. First Class HVAC is the go-to company for all your ductwork needs!

Salisbury Air Conditioning Installation

Here at First Class HVAC we have some of the most enthusiastic and hard working technicians that can easily install air conditioning units in a timely and meticulous manner. We've been proving air conditioning installation in Salisbury, MD for over 40 years. If you want a first class A/C unit installed today, give First Class HVAC a call.

Air Conditioning System Replacement in Salisbury

We realize there are many great air conditioning systems on the market today, but eventually you are going to need an air conditioning system replacement in Salisbury. When that time comes, give First Class a call. We are more than pleased to help you learn more about the replacement air conditioners available to you. Once you have made your decision, we will ensure that your new system is installed in your home with the skill and care that an AC replacement service demands.

Air Conditioning System Service for Salisbury Residents

Our air conditioner repair and air conditioner replacement services are the best around. Our trained professionals can fix or install your air conditioning with ease. We have been providing air conditioner repair services for over 40 years.

We specialize in central A/C installationA/C maintenance and A/C replacements. We can also provide service and replacement for all geothermal and condensing units.

Salisbury Air Conditioning Repair

If your A/C system decides it wants to take the summer off, First Class HVAC  air conditioning repair can help you to bring it back and keep you cool this Summer. It is very important for your home or business to be a comfortable temperature with the heat coming. Our experienced technicians can fix any kind of A/C unit in a timely and efficient manner. As well as comfort, It's also important to keep those electric bill down. Our technicians will run tests to make sure that your A/C unit is running efficiently, using only the power it needs, to lower your bills.

Salisbury Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Do you think your A/C unit is getting too old? or it's not running very efficiently? Our professionals can evaluate your budget, air conditioning needs and home size and find the perfect A/C unit for you. First Class HVAC the best team around for air conditioning replacement. We can get it done quickly so you're not sitting around in the heat. We will get you an A/C unit that fits your needs and replace your outdated unit for a reasonable price. 


SalisburyCrawl Space Encapsulation

First Class HVAC provides crawl space encapsulation service that will help prevent mold, musty odors, termites and household pests and wood destroying fungi damage.

Here are some advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation in Salisbury, MD:

  • Breathe easier. Crawl spaces have a huge impact on indoor air quality.
  • Reduce the chances of costly floor repairs. Moisture rots wood and causes hardwood floors to buckle.
  • Enhance comfort. Floors won't be cold in winter. Air won't be muggy in summer.
  • Lower energy bills. Crawl space encapsulation can reduce energy bills.
  • Make your heating & cooling equipment and ducts last longer. An air handler and ducts in a vented crawl space will not last as long as equipment in a conditioned crawl space.
  • Qualify for rebates and tax incentives. Some utilities offer rebates. The federal government has tax incentives for home performance improvements. Some state and local governments offer incentives as well.
  • An encapsulated crawl space is an attractive selling feature. Potential buyers comparing two similar houses will find the one with an encapsulated crawl space WAY more appealing. 

At First Class HVAC our professionals make sure that your crawl space is encapsulated fully and in a clean manner. 

Home Performance for your Residential and Commercial Property

First Class HVAC offers Total Home Performance Tests that will determine if your Salisbury home of business is running as efficiently as possible. After providing a Blower Door Test, Infrared Scan, Register & Duct test, HERS model prediction (Home Energy Rating System), and a Health & safety test, recommendations will be made to improve the efficiency of your home through various measures. To learn more about Total Home Performance Tests, give First Class a call today!

Salisbury Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services

Our certified plumbers are able to clean your drains or provide you with installation, maintenance and repair of any of the plumbing and faucets for your kitchen or bathroom.

Residential drainage issues can be a extremely frustrating for any home owner. First Class HVAC offers plumbing drain cleaning services for clogged toilets, sink drains, shower or tub drains, laundry drains, basement floor drains, downspout drain lines, yard drain lines, driveway drain lines and main storm sewers.

Using the latest plumbing drain cleaning technology and products, we get the job done fast and do it right the first time so that you don't have to worry about drainage issues.

Salisbury Spring Plumbing

Just like spring cleaning, spring plumbing is very important in keeping your home's plumbing system in good shape. With all of the rain, pollen and debris that come with spring, it's hard to not cringe when thinking about what your pipes look like. Here at First Class HVAC we provide spring plumbing to get your homes pipes in tip top shape for the upcoming year.

Salisbury Plumbing Drain Clean

As well as duct cleaning, we can clean out all of your drains. First Class HVAC is the most trusted plumbing service in Salisbury and our friendly plumbers can answer any questions you have as well as give you tips to help keep your drains, gutters and ductwork clean. Our customer’s satisfaction is important so we will make sure that when our technicians leave your home, all of your water lines and appliances will be in tip-top shape. Contact us today to find out how First Class HVAC can help you!


Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Salisbury, MD

Geothermal Heating

In the winter months, our geothermal heating and cooling systems use the earth loop to extract heat from the ground. This heat is carried to the ground source heat pumps where it’s concentrated and then sent as warm, comfortable air throughout your home.

Geothermal Cooling

During the summer, the heating process is reversed - our geothermal heating and cooling systems take the heat from your home and transfer it to the underground loop where it is then absorbed into the cooler ground. The geothermal heat pump uses the cool water returning from the earth to create cool air for your home.

Some advantages of utilizing geothermal systems in Salisbury, MD are:

1. Lower Operating Cost

The most efficient gas furnace has an efficiency rating of 94%. Geothermal delivers a 400% efficiency rating. 4 units of energy are delivered for every 1 unit of electrical energy. This does not bend the laws of physics; geothermal systems are transferring heat, not creating it by burning something. A more efficient comfort system lowers the bill significantly, up to 70%.

2. Quiet Operation

No more noisy picnics. Unlike air conditioners or heat pumps there is no outdoor unit. Geothermal units are very smooth and quiet in operation, comparable to a refrigerator. Geothermal units are also very reliable since the units are not subjected to wear and tear caused by snow, rain, ice, or vandalism.

3. Environmental Impact

The EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy recognize geothermal systems as the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool a home. Unlike other comfort systems, geothermal does not emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gasses which contribute to air quality pollution. Additionally, low electricity demand from geothermal systems help reduce peak grid demand and the need for more electric generating plants.

Installing, Maintaining, Repairing, Replacing Heating Systems in Salisbury, MD

Salisbury Heating Repair

If you're looking for heating repair in Salisbury, MD First Class HVAC has the experienced professionals that can fix your heating in an efficient and timely manner. We take pride in providing first class heating services and making sure that our customers are happy and comfortable through the cold seasons. We repair any kind of heating unit and we can assure you that it will be working at maximum efficiency. We can repair any type of heating system and will even give you tips on how to keep those electric/gas bills down and still be comfortable. Our First Class Technicians take the time to make sure our customers are not only satisfied, but confident and knowledgeable in their heating systems abilities. 

Salisbury Heating Maintenance

Have you noticed an incline in your gas or electric bill? Dated heating systems tend to work extra hard to produce the same output that they once did. We can maintain your heating system so that it works just like it did when you bought it! First Class HVAC has been specializing in maintaining the heating systems for the residents and business owners of Salisbury for over 40 years. Our knowledgeable technicians can service your forced air, radiant, heat pump, geothermal systems or provide you replacement advise in the event that your system is outdated or not as energy efficient as other heating systems in the market. Our maintenance contracts are designed to help keep your house warm when you need the heat the most. Contact us today about what kind of maintenance agreements we offer in Salisbury.

Salisbury Heating Replacement

In the event that your heating system needs replacing, First Class HVAC can give you all of the details on new systems that will fit your home. We install all types of systems including: forced air, radiant, heat pump, geothermal systems or electric heating systems. Our experienced technicians will work with you to find a system that is within your budget and as energy efficient as possible. When the replacement process starts, our experienced technicians will work meticulously to get your job done the right way.