Simple Tricks to Lower your Heating Bill

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Simple Tricks to Lower your Heating Bill

So, you are on a tight budget at home, and high electric bills are not in the budget. Unfortunately, neither is expensive energy efficient appliances or other additions.

Many people believe that in order to make your home energy efficient you have to spend a lot of money. But that’s not exactly true.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient on a Budget

Buying all new energy efficient windows and doors is expensive. Spending money on new insulation around your home can be expensive. There are lots of simple and cheap things you can do to make your home more energy efficient though.

Door Draft Guards

Everyone’s mother joked growing up that we weren’t heating the outdoors. Her solution? Shove towels under the garage and basement door to keep the heat in.

Your mother was right. The heat really does escape under the doors to your garage and basement. This escaped heat could be costing you big in the middle of winter. Luckily, there are easier and more appealing options than old towels today.

For around $10 or less, you can buy a door draft guard for your home or office. These simple pieces of fabric keep the heat in and keep the cold out while still allowing you to easily open and close the door when needed. The money you save with a draft guard heavily outweighs the price.

Switch the Ceiling Fan Direction

In the summer, you want the fan to rotate counter-clockwise to push air downward and keep your home cool. However, in the winter, you should switch the direction to “reverse” or clockwise. This will redistribute warm air that naturally rose to the ceiling.

By switching the direction of your fan, you could save money on your heating bills for free. The redistributed air will keep your home warmer for longer without forcing the HVAC unit to run constantly.

Clean your Air Filters

Clean air filters will increase the airflow in your home and reduce the strain on your HVAC system.  Replacing the filters can seem daunting and expensive. Most homes have around 3-5 filters and they can cost anywhere from $5 to $35.

To save money, you can vacuum clean the air filters. Vacuums will remove the dust, dirt, and hair from the filters easily without harming them. However, this is a temporary fix. Clean your filters once a month, and consider replacing them two to three times a year.

Move Large Furniture

Another free option for saving on your heating bills this winter is to move large furniture around in your home. Large furniture like sofas, beds, bookcases, and china cabinets can block air returns and reduce air flow.

Save easy money by moving furniture away from the walls a few inches or rearrange the furniture in your home or office to unblock air return vents.

Contact a Professional

Regular maintenance on your HVAC unit and furnace will prevent costly HVAC repairs on your Middletown home down the road. Consider signing a contract for preventative maintenance with First Class HVAC this winter. This contract will give you peace of mind that your home will be taken care of by experienced professionals. 

Contact First Class HVAC to speak to one of our technicians about increasing your home’s efficiency and signing up for preventative maintenance today. Call 302-934-8900 today.

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