Why Geothermal Energy in Middletown

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Why Geothermal Energy in Middletown

Geothermal energy uses the Earth’s natural heating system to keep your home comfortable year round. In fact, geothermal energy is considered one of the most efficient heating and cooling system we have today due to the low electrical component.


Geothermal energy gives off significantly lower amounts of greenhouse gasses compared to coal heating or cooling. Geothermal energy uses natural steam from the Earth rather than combustion, so geothermal energy doesn’t emit any more or fewer gasses than the earth would natural. This means that the environmental impact of Geothermal Energy is next to nothing. Learn more about common myths about geothermal energy.

Save Big

This low electrical component to geothermal energy means that your Middletown home could save up to 50% on your utility bills with all natural heating and cooling. Consider switching to geothermal energy in Middletown when you build your new home or are performing a large remodel on your home’s HVAC system.

When you consider switching, one thing you will have to think about is the type of geothermal heat pump you need for your home. Find more information on the types of geothermal heat pumps. If you’re still unsure, read more about how geothermal heating and cooling works.  

Low utility bills aren’t the only advantage to using geothermal energy in Middletown. Geothermal heat pumps also require low maintenance, meaning that you can save more in the long run with less frequent repairs and high life expectancy of the system. There are also various tax credits that you may qualify for if your home has geothermal heating and cooling.

Energy Efficient

Geothermal energy isn’t always on the forefront of everybody’s mind when talking about renewable energy to lower your home costs. It isn’t as popular as wind or solar energy, but it can save you just as much or more on your utility bills and achieve the same standards of energy efficiency and earth-saving benefits. If you want to know more, read about the benefits of geothermal technology.

Learn More

Geothermal heating and cooling can be complicated. To learn more about whether or not geothermal energy is right for your Middletown, DE home, call First Class HVAC today. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of geothermal energy or other forms of renewable energy to keep your utility bills low during the summer and winter.

When you’re ready, call First Class HVAC or contact us online. We’d be happy to set up a time to speak with you about geothermal energy for your home.

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