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Carrier – Heating & Cooling Systems

First Class HVAC will bring it to your whole home!

As the seasons change, it’s good to have the right equipment to rely on and your services performed by a team you can trust.

At First Class, we bring the professional service your home needs. Whether it’s a quick fix to your current system or a installing a brand new Carrier® heating system, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve any problem at any budget. When it comes to bringing you whole-home comfort, you can Turn to the Experts.
Carrier Gas Furnace or Heat Pumps
For the best in efficiency, choose Carrier gas furnaces and heat pumps for the best energy efficient heating systems for your home. Enjoy consistent comfort throughout your home while helping you save on energy costs. Help us keep your family warm this season.

Call First Class HVAC and ask us how Variable Speed Technology can help maintain the desired level of comfort in your home.

Carrier Geothermal Energy

Saving up to 70% in energy cost is only a call away. Our staff will meet with you to go over the benefits of Geothermal with your home’s overall comfort. Harnessing the Earth’s resources, a Geothermal system can provide you with the savings that you are looking as well as the Eco conscience decision that benefits us all.

Cleaner Air for a Healthier You!

Home comfort isn’t complete without knowing the air you & your family are breathing is safe. Did you know that the air inside your home can be FIVE TIMES dirtier than the air outside? Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, airborne viruses, and bacteria are just some of the things you can be breathing in without even knowing it.

Give First Class HVAC a call so we can perform our simple indoor air analysis of your air quality. If we identify any issues, we will be happy to provide a custom quote so you and your family can breathe easier.

Smart Thermostat

Let First Class HVAC install a piece of technology that provides both convenience and saving on your energy costs. The wi-fi enabled thermostat from Carrier has built-in features like a smart setback, energy-use reporting and tailored tips to help save you on average 20% annually. Using your smart device, you are able to connect to it from anywhere with an Internet connection.