Daikin – Heating and Air Conditioning

Why Daikin?

Daikin is recognized as the world’s number one leader in the manufacture of HVAC equipment and refrigerants. For over 90 years, Daikin has grown consistently and

successfully due to the loyalty and success of our customers, as well as a track record of innovation and quality. Daikin is redefining home comfort in North America with some of the most technologically and aesthetically advanced solutions. These intelligent, energy efficient systems provide an unprecedented level of individual comfort and control.

One of Daikin’s advantages is that they produce both ducted and ductless air conditioning and heating systems. For homeowners in North America, this means that Daikin can provide solutions for individual room needs, as well as whole house solutions. For commercial businesses, Daikin can offer a full range of products from traditional roof top units and chillers to more advanced technology, such as variable refrigerant volume. Regardless of the need, they have a product designed to serve a very large number of installations.



The First Step to Lower Utility Bills

Having us install a high-efficiency Daikin brand indoor comfort system in your home is a one-step opportunity that can enhance your home’s indoor comfort. Daikin brand air conditioners with inverter, variable-speed technology, offer impressive energy-efficient performance and quiet operation. As the world’s largest manufacturer of indoor comfort systems, you’d expect nothing less.