Air Conditioner Repair Service in Delaware and Maryland

Air Conditioner Repair Service in Delaware and Maryland

Those looking to stay comfortable in their home in Sussex County, Wicomico County, Worcester County and Kent County should look no further than First Class HVAC for their air conditioning repair service.

From central air repair to air conditioning unit repair, First Class HVAC has served thousands of homeowners all throughout Delaware and Maryland for over 40 years. No problem is too big to stop our technicians from fixing your AC unit today!

Our friendly staff will sit down with you to inform you of all the new energy-efficient models that can help keep your home cool while helping you save money. After finalizing on the perfect air conditioner, we then install the unit in your home so you can enjoy the comfort on being inside during a summer heatwave.

Sometimes, you may not even need to get a new air conditioning unit installed. Our expert technicians are very experienced with central air repair. Our top-of-the-line air conditioning repair services can get you back to being comfortable in your home without costing an arm and a leg. Residents in Sussex County, Wicomico County, Worcester County and Kent County searching for reliable AC unit repair services can turn to First Class HVAC.


Warning Signs You May Need to Get Your AC Unit Repaired

While we know that not everyone is an expert on air conditioning units, our technicians can always come out and inspect your unit and put together a free estimate! If you are on the fence about if your central air is working properly or not, here are four easy-to-spot signs that your unit may be in need of repair.

  1. Use Your Nose

Foul or new odors in your house can be a huge indicator that something is wrong with your air conditioning unit. When the wire insulation in a unit burns out, it will give off a foul odor that won’t be hard to pick up on. Mold inside any ductwork will give off a musty smell. Any hints of a musty smell should be addressed as soon as possible.

  1. Use Your Ears

We all get accustomed to the creaks and rattles in our house, but any new sounds coming from your air conditioning unit can also be a sign something is wrong. Most noises simply indicate that there is something wrong within the unit. If not addressed quickly, your unit could lead to an expensive breakdown.

  1. Thermostat Problems

Although a lack of cool air can seem like there is an issue with your AC unit, the real problem could lay in your thermostat. Although your thermostat has the temperature set at 70 degrees, a problem with your thermostat could be telling the unit a completely different temperature.

  1. Poor Air Flow/No Cool Air

The most obvious sign is that your house just simply is not cooling off as quickly and effectively as it used to. There is most prevalent with older central air units. Depending on the age of your unit, a lack of cool air can be fixed easily through our AC unit repair services.

Browse our website for more information on our central air repair, air conditioning unit repair or our AC replacement services in Sussex County, Wicomico County, Worcester County and Kent County.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of our free estimates on AC maintenance and call our friendly team today for any air conditioner issue.