AC Replacement and Installation in Delaware and Maryland

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AC Replacement and Installation in Delaware and Maryland

Is your air conditioning system ready for the warm weather?

Is it keeping you cool but costing you too much money?

Here at First Class HVAC, we’ve been replacing and installing air conditioning and other HVAC equipment for more than 40 years. Whether your system is geothermal, hydronic, electric or is another type of AC unit, our expert technicians possess the knowledge and skill to replace it, making First Class HVAC the premier company when it comes to AC replacement in Wicomico County, Worcester County and beyond.

We know replacing and purchasing new air conditioning can be confusing. Many people aren’t familiar with the equipment and how it operates, besides just pressing the buttons on the thermostat. Therefore, we’ll work with you closely to ensure you're getting the system that’s right for you and your Delaware or Maryland home at an affordable price.

New AC equipment is engineered with cutting-edge technology. With so many choices to choose from, we’ll be sure to inform you on all the latest, energy-efficient models so that you can select the best model for you and your family’s AC replacement.

3 Signs It’s Time for AC Replacement

Your air conditioning is crucial to creating a comfortable environment in your home. A malfunctioning unit can result in excessive costs on your monthly utility bills. The warning signs that your system is on its last legs can be identified by our experienced technicians with ease. However, there are also some signals that you can be on the lookout for.

Strange Noises

Besides the sound of air blowing, AC units shouldn’t make much noise. If you hear popping, squeaking or rattling noises, something is wrong. Or if you notice that it’s operating at a louder level, it’s time to call First Class HVAC to have us take a look.

Energy Bill Increase

It’s normal for energy costs to fluctuate as the seasons change. However, a significant change between last year's summer and this year’s shouldn’t take place. If this happens, don’t ignore it.

Father Time

Age catches up to all of us eventually; AC units are no different. What may seem like an ordinary issue for a newer system can mean much worse for a system that’s been running for a decade or more. As it gets older, and problems arise more often, you may be better off opting for a complete replacement instead of continuously paying for AC repairs.

If any of these issues rear their ugly heads, contact our team at First Class HVAC to inspect your air conditioning system. With our AC maintenance services, we’ll make sure your system is running at maximum efficiency and prepare it for the warm months ahead.

We can also provide duct cleaning and deodorizing, custom sheet metal, whole house filtration and UV germicidal lights, along with preventive maintenance agreements and extended warranties.

Contact Us for a FREE Estimate

For more information on our AC replacement services in Kent County, Sussex County, Worcester County, Wicomico County or another nearby area, please don’t hesitate to contact the experienced team at First Class HVAC today. Don’t forget to inquire about scheduling a free estimate!

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