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Duct Cleaning Services

With increasing attention focused on health concerns from biological contaminants and dust in the indoor environment. Duct cleaning has become part of the solution to help improve indoor air quality” It is recommended you get your ducts cleaned at least once every three years.

Rotobrush aiR+R air duct cleaning system For almost two decades the Rotobrush has been the #1 residential air duct cleaning system. The Rotobrush aiR+R air duct cleaning system now offers new features for more efficient and effective cleaning. The Rotobrush aiR+R system has more vacuum power – 30% more – to remove dirt and debris faster. The removable pod design allows you to take the Rotobrush aiR+R system into previously inaccessible spaces. Vacuum and brush controls are at your finger tips. The lightweight construction allows a single technician to move the Rotobrush aiR+R system in and out of the customer’s location with ease. Even maintenance is easy with simple bag filter removal and convenient torque adjustment. Take a look at the Rotobrush aiR+R system, and you’ll like what you see. You can even use the Rotobrush aiR+R system to offer dryer vent cleaning, and provide a valuable service to your customers by helping them prevent potential fires.

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Is Your Ductwork Costing You Money?

Did you know that one of the most cost effective home improvements that you can do is to have your ductwork properly sealed? Ductwork is typically an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ type of subject that most people do know care to know about. But the truth is in today’s economic ‘tough times’ we have to be smarter consumers as well as smarter homeowners. The average home loses 25% of its energy through unsealed or improperly sealed ductwork. With this inexpensive improvement, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. It very literally pays for itself.


How often should you have your ductwork cleaned?

There is a different answer for every household. Dirt and debris buildup is dependent upon the following factors:

1. System Leakage – is your ductwork properly sealed? If not, it may be drawing in contaminants from your attic and crawl space such as insulation particles and dirt. The contaminants are then redistributed back into the air that you and your family breathe.

2. Filter Efficiency – how effective are your filters? Did you know that filters have different ratings for the type of particles that they will prevent from entering your system? Inefficient filters catch only large particles. Also important is how often your filters are changed. Every 30 to 60 days is recommended.

3. Do you have pets? Our pets are part of the family, but as everyone knows they typically shed a lot. Pet hairs can be drawn into the system, causing filters to be blocked and contributing to the buildup inside of your ductwork.


How important is it to have your HVAC equipment regularly serviced?

Just as a tune-up and regular oil changes for your car will improve safety and gas mileage, regular tune-ups of your heating and cooling equipment will also improve safety and efficiency. Your HVAC system is one of the most important (and most expensive to replace) components of your home. If your system is not properly maintained, it will not operate as efficiently as it was designed to. Also, parts will wear out and need to be replaced prematurely. A properly tuned system will save you money by operating efficiently and prolonging the life of your equipment.


Can a maintenance agreement prevent costly repairs?

ABSOLUTELY! Up to 80% of all A/C and heat pump compressor failures could be eliminated if a small problem is detected and corrected in a timely manner.

Want to know another great way that our maintenance plan will save you lots of money? If it becomes necessary to repair a system that is ‘covered’ by the maintenance agreement, not only will we waive the $89.00 diagnostic fee, but you will also save an additional 15% off the total bill!


Services Offered

  • Installation and service of all types of Heating and Air Conditioning systems for residential and commercial
  • Duct cleaning and deodorizing
  • Custom sheet metal
  • Whole house filtration
  • UV germicidal lights
  • Preventive maintenance agreements
  • Extended warranties
  • Tankless water heaters