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Heater Replacement in Maryland and Delaware


Is your furnace on the fritz? Is it time to start considering installing a new heating system? Here at First Class, we have 40+ years of experience installing and replacing new heating systems. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a gas or oil furnace, our professional technicians can have your home fitted with anything and everything you need in regards to heating solutions.

With decades of experience in furnace installation and repair, First Class is the go-to choice for heater replacement in Worcester County.

Purchasing or replacing a heating system can be confusing, especially for less experienced homeowners. For these reasons, we work with you to ensure that you’re getting the right system at the lowest price possible. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest, energy-efficient models that fit your home.

Modern furnaces are designed and engineered with cutting-edge heating technology. Finding the perfect fit is something we can accomplish together from a wide variety of options. After choosing the perfect heater replacement, our expert technicians will install your new heating system with care and precision to make sure your home is ready to face those chilly winter months.

Three Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

When it comes to creating a comfortable climate in your home during the winter, your furnace is your most vital appliance. When a furnace starts to malfunction, it can end up causing you to waste significant amounts of time and money trying to repair it, when the inevitable solution is to purchase a brand new energy-efficient heating system.

heater replacement worcester county

The warning signs that indicate a furnace is on its last leg can be very simple to spot for our experienced technicians. However, here are some easy indicators of how to detect a furnace that needs to be replaced entirely:

  1. Spike in Energy Bills – Whereas it is normal to have rises and fluctuations in your energy bill with each changing of the season, a drastic change between last winter and this winter can be a major red flag that your furnace needs to be replaced.
  1. The Furnace’s Age – A gas furnace has an average lifespan between 16 and 20 years old. A simple breakdown or malfunction on a decade-old furnace may not be a concrete indicator that you need a heater replacement. Comparable to an older car, an older furnace that’s having issue after issue probably means you may need to start shopping for a new one.
  1. Strange Noises – A furnace on its last leg will start to make some noticeable noises to indicate that something isn’t working correctly. Be on the lookout for sounds like popping or banging, rattling or squealing noises. If you are hearing your furnace blower running longer and louder than usual, then you may want to reach out to First Class.
    Another way to ensure you and your family are cozy and comfortable inside during the winter is by making sure to get your furnace inspected by the expert technicians at First Class. We make sure your home is ready to take on the cold temperatures.

    For additional information on our heater replacement and heating repair services in Worcester County, feel free to browse our website or call our friendly team today!