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First Class Brita Pro: Is My Water Safe?

When it comes to drinking water, we don’t believe in taking chances.  Over the past few years, water quality monitoring has risen to an all-time high. The most common contaminants found in local water supplies here on the eastern shore of Maryland and Delaware are Nitrates, Nitrites, Bacteria, and arsenic. First Class Brita Pro can ensure potable, healthy, and clean drinking water to all our neighbors by conducting a simple water test. Our water treatment professionals will conduct a free in-home water analysis to conclude or deny the presence of harmful contaminants. Not all contaminants in your water are harmful. Some contaminants may only pose a cosmetic threat to your fixtures such as iron staining, hard water, or water spots.  Aside from cosmetic water issues, some other problematic water issues may include hydrogen sulfide, odor, or low pH. Regardless if you believe your water may only be cosmetically unappealing, we don’t believe in taking chances and we suggest that you don’t either. Call First Class Brita Pro to schedule your free in-home water analysis.

Custom engineered Water Solutions

With experienced staff on hand, in the plant, and at the drawing board, First Class Brita Pro has knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to customize water conditioners and water treatment systems for the exact needs and characteristics that your water may display. Our proposals and solutions are not from a “cookie cutter “price list of generic equipment. Our water solutions are contingent on our specific customers’ needs and water characteristics.


Nitrates are a commonly found water contaminant here in Maryland & Delaware. The presence of Nitrates could come from poultry processing plants, poultry farms, or stormwater runoff. Although Nitrates are usually found in shallow wells, there are many cases that contradict that suggestion. Proven harmful by the E.P.A. and independent case studies, it is no secret that drinking water that contains nitrates is in-fact harmful. First Class Brita Pro has provided many residents in Sussex County, DE with nitrate free drinking water. Ask about our various water treatment methods such as whole house nitrate treatment, Reverse Osmosis nitrate removal, or our custom built water conditioners for those situations that call for a specifically engineered form of treatment. Since nitrates carry no sign of smell, taste or sight, we recommend calling in the water conditioning experts. Give us a call at First Class HVAC today to schedule your free in-home water test.


The most cosmetically unappealing water characteristic here in our area known as Iron (Fe) can appear in many different forms such as Ferrous iron, Ferric iron, developed iron, and iron bacteria. Although Iron is not known to be harmful, it is considered a very unappealing attribute of water


If you’ve noticed an unpleasant odor or taste in your water, you’re not alone. In fact, some cities and towns have objectionable levels of chlorine in their treated water, which may result in a “swimming pool” odor or even a bitter taste. With well water,  decaying organic matter and dissolved gasses tend to produce hydrogen sulfide, which results in a “rotten egg” smell. Contact our team if you notice any problems with taste or smell.

Hard Water

Hard water has a high mineral content. This is typically caused by calcium and magnesium. It’s actually pretty easy to detect. If you have hard water, you may experience:
  • Soap that will not lather
  • Dingy clothing
  • A buildup of white crust on shower surfaces, faucets, chrome surfaces, and water-using appliances
  • Clogged pipes, shower heads, or fixtures
  • Dry/itchy skin and dull hair

pH or Acidic Water

Water is considered acidic when the pH is less than 7.0. This results from rain that picks up carbon dioxide and turns into carbonic acid (also known as acid rain). This acidic water will percolate down through the soil, becoming groundwater. If you’re dealing with acidic water, you may notice some blue or green staining on copper pipes or some discoloration on fixtures. Even if you don’t have copper pipes, you might notice that your water heater and fixtures do not last long before they spring leaks.


Water is considered the “universal solvent,” which means that it’s always looking for ways to mix or dissolve with foreign contaminants. It’s practically impossible to identify every single contaminant that may be in your water. You may find levels of arsenic, lead, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in your water. The best way to ensure that you and your loved ones are drinking the safest water possible is to install a First Class Brita Pro. Call us today to make sure your water stays safe!